Whiskey Tit attempts to restore degradation and degeneracy to the literary arts. We are unwilling to sacrifice intellectual rigour, unrelenting playfulness, and visual beauty, often leading to texts that would otherwise be abandoned in a homogenised literary landscape. In a world gone mad, our refusal to make this sacrifice is an act of civil service and civil disobedience alike, and our work reflects this. We welcome like-minded readers and writers.

Let me elaborate…

I came to publishing in a peculiar way, reading a book serialized straight from the author in email, Jon Frankel’s The Man Who Can’t Die. You can read more about that experience here, but the gist is, and continues to be, me being absolutely floored by a book, only to discover it won’t get picked up by traditional publishers. This is usually because the works don’t fit neatly into genre/length/media packages. We proudly publish books that are too long or too short, books in which the authors insist upon no back cover blurbs, books whose best genre descriptions might be “comedy of terror,” “memnoir,” “randy seafaring misadventure,” or “low-tech noir.”

We want to hear from you, honestly. If you have a wonderful book in need of a literary wet nurse, please contact us.

6 thoughts

  1. I found your website through Authors Publish. As a fellow publisher I just wanted to give you cudos for your site and your books. Great concept and wonderful selection of books. I will definitely check them out. Nice to see someone else that doesn’t want to fit into the big 5 mold.

  2. Lance Goodman Author

    The first sentence captured me…! Oh, such joy. I look forward to diving in…

  3. Randy Karnes Author

    Your name ROCKS! I have just finished my 4th novel and am lining up potential publishers for submission. Whiskey Tit definitely made the cut!

  4. Malcolm McCannon Author

    I’m absolutely loving your ethos and your books! I’ve bought one and have two more on my soon-to-buy list. Thank you for existing!

  5. Jeremy L!ght Author

    You had me at “literary wet nurse”. I discovered Whisk(e)y Tit while digging through listings on Submittable. I’m going to write a few short pieces specifically for you and shoot them to you in April.

  6. Shannon Brazil Author

    Yes all day. Thank you for existing.

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