The Ice Mine

Ric Bream was a happily married college professor with two adoring children. But…

April 16, 2018 standard


A night and a day away from Moscow by express train, or a…

September 29, 2017 standard

14 May: I Contain Multitudes

Polyartist Richard Kostelanetz catalogues his many historical confreres in solar circumnavigation in his…

September 7, 2017 standard

Continuous Dialogue

“Does the author of such short dialogues understand the inviolate requirements of fiction?”…

September 7, 2017 standard


Honor or suicide. It was a direct order. A choice to be made….

April 2, 2017 standard

I, No Other

Yarrow Paisley’s first full-length collection, I, No Other is a cerebral defibrillator you forgot had…

December 5, 2016 standard

The Man Who Can’t Die

New York, 2180. Manhattan is cut with sewage-filled canals and walled in by…

September 13, 2016 standard

Killing the Math

From the Preface by Joey Truman: I started writing this book two weeks…

June 27, 2016 standard

Postal Child

“Whitey Whitlock had an ear for the birds. He could whistle their songs…

April 18, 2016 standard

Queer and Alone

Monrovia. Bali. Bombay. Cayman Islands. Hollywood. The names of faraway places dot the…

August 22, 2015 standard

Gaha: Babes of the Abyss

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November 2, 2014 standard