A Common Well Journal


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Edited by K Hank Jost, produced in partnership with Whisk(e)y Tit Books, A Common Well Journal publishes print editions every quarter, starting in the fall of 2023.

Operating under the guiding philosophy that language operates as a commons, fecund and abundant, A Common Well Journal aims to address the myriad problems of the contemporary literary journal. Combining a rededication to the printed word with a personal and corresponsive editorial approach, A Common Well is the only literary journal in the business dedicated fostering the growth of its submitters and providing earnest and unique work to its readers.

Language is the Eden-soil from which the world itself springs, the immaculate waters drawn up from the well of creation. Let the people drink their fill.

Issue One ships autumn 2023 and includes new work by Kyle Impini, Daniel Hass, Jameel Martin, Vincent James Perrone, Nicholas Houfek, Meg Tuite, and others.  Please pay what you feel comfortable paying; your subscription will renew annually and can be cancelled at any time.  See more at commonwelljournal.com.