Tumbleweed – Original Audio (digital download)

By Svetlana Lavochkina




Whiskey Tit is pleased to whisk you into our loving bosom in 2021 and offer you ablutions with a special aural sneak preview of Svetlana Lavochkina’s narrative poem Tumbleweed, to be released in April as a fully illustrated hard cover with vinyl soundtrack.  This digital download includes the full text read by the author over a 10-piece ensemble performing a score written for text, produced in Leipzig, summer 2020.  From the author, a little blessing for your new year:


“I think Tumbleweed was this unexpected project dictated to me. It’s very sarcastic, humorous, extravagant, exuberant. But it’s also an argument for only doing what you want, not what other people want. We all want to be read and heard, but paying attention to other people’s wishes is useless. You should only write what you have a deep desire to write. The paradoxical thing is I never considered myself to be a poet. I’ve been declaring it for 10 years. This just shows you should always keep an open mind. Of course, it’s very difficult to make a narrative with verse, but then the rewards you have from it are immense.” — Svetlana Lavochkina, The Wild Detectives


Your digital download now gives you an mp3 of the full text and musical production, as well as a coupon code for the book’s full release and a signed 8.5×11 print of an illustration from the book by inimitable artist Padmaja Rao.


Svetlana Lavochkina – speech & text
Peter A. Bauer – composition, arrangements & artistic director
Hendrik Gundlach / KLANGPRODUKTION – mix & sound editing
Ensemble Alcantara:
Viola Blache – soprano
Babett Niclas – harp
Benedikt Fritz – clarinet, bass clarinet
Bo Wiget – cello
Johannes Bigge – piano, harmonium, accordion
Peter A. Bauer – vibraphone, percussion

featuring / special guests:

Adele Bauer – alto in “Love doesn’t wear any make up”
Asita Tamme – violin
Izabela Kaldusnka – violin
Johanna Marcy – viola
Special thanks to Sophie Bauer for the recording room in Großdeuben
Recording sessions of speech, music and mix/production in June & July 2020 in Potsdam & Großdeuben


Publication date: 01 January 2021