WTJ Artist Statement: The Surreal Line Art of Emily Lisker

When I’m not working on illustrations, I like to sit at my notebook and let my imagination loose by drawing a continuous line. I just try to keep the line flowing by being a channel and letting it all flow through me.

My drawings are surreal imagery, using a surreal process. Sometimes I look at various ephemera to get me started. There is no planning the page ahead or erasing, editing, or judging, just a commitment to keep drawing and looking and engaging in the challenges and surprises that arise. It is visual improvisation, keeping my imagination open and my hand limber.

These drawings are not meant to have any particular meaning, or tell any particular story. Nor are the drawings meant to be arranged in any particular order. Such is the mind’s compulsion to make a story that it tries anyway to create meaning from each image, just as it does when we dream. Eventually, an unconscious visual language begins to reveal itself.

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