Three Poems


I can’t see anything out of the window
Because of the way I’m sitting
And because it’s dark

I can’t see anything inside of myself
Because of the emptiness
And because it’s dark

I can’t see anything in the future
Because it’s in the future
And because it’s dark

I can’t see anything in the past
Because my memory is shit
And because it’s dark

I can’t see anything
But my blindness
Does not help heighten my other senses

I can’t see anything
I can’t hear anything
I can’t taste or smell anything
I can’t feel anything


The nanny state idea
Has a lot of resonance 
With a lot of people
Republicans and libertarians
Who talk about the nanny state
I get why people respond to that
Nobody wants to think
They need a nanny

But what are you supposed to do
When so many people 
And corporations
Act like fucking babies

Greedy babies 
Who don’t want to pay their taxes
Fucking babies

Gun toting babies
Accidentally shooting people
And getting shot
Fucking babies

Privileged babies
Afraid of losing their privileges
Fucking crybabies

Reckless manufactures
That don’t want their factories inspected
Lazy, callous, Babies

Energy companies
That don’t want to pay for the messes they make
It’s an insult to pigs to call them pigs
It’s an insult to babies to call them babies
But they’re fucking babies

Multinational corporations
Who don’t want to pay a living wage
Greedy piece of shit fucking babies

None of them want a nanny state
Because they all want to keep on doing
What they’ve been doing
The question is
Why should we give a shit
About what any of these fucking babies want
Until they at least the slightest bit of willingness
To grow the fuck up

I’m not saying to trust the government
A lot of politicians
Are fucking babies too
That’s why we have independent watchdogs
And other advocates for the people

But in most cases
I’m going to take the government’s word
Over a corporation
And I’m going to be suspicious
When governments pander to corporations

I’m not saying it’s not complicated
Some of is very complicated
But some of it is simple
Keep a close watch on those 
Motherfucking babies


You could well say to me
If you’re not going to 
Take this seriously
Why even bother

I could well say to you
If you’re going to 
Take this seriously
Why even bother

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