Two Poems


A half-shadow in a window 
         calls for the time 

to wake up alone    as in lonely 
   the art i feel compelled to stick with 

the beach  forcefully shaved armpits
a small laughter  in a bottle of Perrier  

now run towards    no firs   colonize palm trees   
in the fishing village, used to rougher seas  

                                                                     seagulls  competing 
afraid of seas not long ago   

with my bruised knees, I don’t say a word 


Claude, I want to be your sibling         or a lover

making pamphlets with you racing pre-incarceration 
the hearts on your cheeks are knocking 
did you make your best work to get over remorse

How was it to leave 
and live wild
did you feel too lonely to read

how was it to sleep with one lover every night
how did you know that you were a boi they didn’t take you seriously
what about your Parisian friends we didn’t hear about 

Claude, I want the coal crayons protect you against the cold 

this afterlife in prosperity 
you as a butch king 
won’t outdo the channel risings

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