First photos emerge of Postal Child release party

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Thanks to all who came to the Postal Child release party at the Collapsable Hole. We could wax on about what a time it was, but you wouldn’t believe us. And then we’d get mad at you. And then we’d have to kiss and make up, and things would get awkward fast. If you didn’t make it to this party, don’t make the same mistake next time. More on Postal Child. Thanks to Alex Lozupone for the snaps:

Launch party extra special thanks: The Collapsable Hole, Jim Findlay, Ramona (President of the Bobby Cannavale Appreciation Society) Clifton, Jack Warren, Wandjina, UM (Stephen, Michael, Ernest, Dave), Sebs and Renee for load-in muscle, Scott Halvorsen Gillette, Jon Frankel, Luke Truman, Tom Fruin’s dancing, and probably a dozen-or-so others whom I was inevitably too whiskeyed to recall but whose gratitude remains down in the nether of my heart. Let’s do it again soon.

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