Welcome to the first ever issue of Whiskey Tit Journal. 

Why now? We wanted to bring you some literary light in the darkness. Not that the contents of this issue are light, but there is inherently an illuminating force when art is shared with the world. Maybe not enough light to lead us out, but enough so that we can feel our way along the dark cave walls in search of the way out. 

It was a pleasure putting this issue together. The pieces inside made me laugh, made me sad, made a raw feeling in my chest. I hope you feel the same. A big thank you to our contributors, who put their work in the hands of a newborn journal: J. Bradley, Holly Day, Matt Dube, Jennifer Lee, and Stephanie Valente. 

And much thanks to Miette Gillette for letting me run wild with this project, and Philip Shelley for his encouragement, guidance, and aid with submission review.

— Meagan Maguire, Editor

Issue 1, June 2020

The Flood

The coffins float to the surface like rebellious architecture, buoyed by the floodwaters...

Wharton Tiers Hockey Club

When we were kids, I saw my cousin Patrick on special occasions, birthday...

Ultra Violet

A boy will break his arm today – something involving a Frisbee, first...


it’s the late 90s, i’m wearing lip gloss holographic glitter nail polish you’re...

A Brief History of the Neil Armstrong Middle School Cafetorium

What is a cafetorium? A cafetorium is a combination of a cafeteria and...