Joey Truman on Writing and Wyoming and Killing the Math

Good news! Joey Truman’s Killing the Math is now out and for sale from Whiskey Tit and Amazon. Why did he release a new book so soon after Postal Child? As Joey says in the preface,

Killing The Math is a purge of sorts. Whatever horrible and wretched things I had collected on my body and my soul while writing Postal Child came sloughing off because of writing this book. And because of this, Killing The Math wouldn’t exist without Postal Child and working with it’s esign pdf.

You can read the book’s entire preface, reprinted in full, here.

Also of note, Joeys’ guest post on the Writing Wyoming blog, wherein he considers his transformation from Wyoming Boy to NYC writer. As Joey says:

I think of this often because it informs the way I write. I was always so terrified of the outside world while growing up in Wyoming. Even Denver, the most milk-toast of cities, and I don’t mean that as an insult, but I have been all over the world, and Denver is a very easy and simple city, but it was so absolutely terrifying that just hanging out on Colfax gave me a jolt, the weirdoes and the disabused. And how scared I was moving to New York, and how tame it seems now. I don’t know, just the thought process of dealing with that makes me embarrassed.

But at the same time when I go back home I find myself on the edge of mountains during a casual hike, like, wherever, Carter Mountain, and can’t look down because I am unsure of my footing. And my brother telling me to relax, you couldn’t fall down even if you wanted to.

Read the whole essay here.

Meanwhile, please get yourselves a copy of Killing the Math.

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