Charlotte and the Chickenman

By Aina Hunter


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It’s November 2, 2048 and Charlotte-Noa Tibitt, multi-racial downwardly mobile adult daughter of a HelloCast lifestyle coach, feels like shit. She thought she’d found her niche when she and Katja scored a flat in a subsidized apartment full of other queer feminist farm-animal rights activists.

But when an unspeakable right-wing candidate again wins the presidency, it all starts to unravel, she has to get her shit together in an angry, violent world stressed by the messy disintegration of Eurindigenous supremacy and the global rise of the Afamasi (a science-based “colored” identity based a DNA point system centering those with the most direct links to sub-Saharan Africa).

She could probably use some trauma therapy, but right now she has to leave for New Haiti for an emergency abortion. But maybe she can find some comfort at the receiving end of a controversial public initiative which may or may not be sanctioned by the Afro-Caribbean shadow government known as The Old Black Ones.


Publication date: 03 January 2022