GAHA: Babes of the Abyss

By Jon Frankel

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She was seventeen and all leg, banging the hell out of a pinball machine. I watched her play, my back to the bar. There was a cigarette going in her left hand with a cone of ash hanging off the end. The muscles in her bare thighs tensed up every time she bumped her pelvis into the coin box. As the ball shot toward her flippers she turned her feet in and banged with the right and then the left hand, knocking the ash to the floor. The red light on top of the machine started to turn and a police siren went off. It barked, “Pull off to the side of the road!” and she slapped the flipper, sending the ball up into a thousand-point hole. While the lights flashed and sirens sang she took a long drag off the cigarette.

I should have known better. 

So begins Jon Frankel’s unflinching saga of Bob Martin, real estate pimp of Los Angeles in the year 2540, and his hapless, hopeless efforts to stay out of trouble in the company of 17-year-old Irmela von Dorderer and her big sister Elma.  He should have known better, indeed.


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ISBN: 978-0692337233

Publication date: 28 November 2014

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Buzz Callaway* writes like he's running out of time, with an electricity and energy that leaps off the page. There's no one quite like him, although one can hear echoes of Philip K Dick, Raymond Chandler and every pulp writer whose fevered vision of the world burned through popular forms towards their own scarred beauty. This is a wonderful read, a wonderful novel, and firm proof that erudition and popular entertainment can be friends.

* (Jon Frankel's occasional pen name)

– Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director, The Public Theater

The future isn't unwritten, it's written by Jon Frankel. GAHA, Babes of the Abyss is powerfully transgressive, full of wit and grit and grace. Following in the tradition of Philip K. Dick, Frankel is truly an outsider intellectual whose ideas are as wonderfully engrossing as they are apocalyptic. To enter his world is a raucous pleasure.

– Cara Hoffman, author of the critically acclaimed novels So Much Pretty and Be Safe I Love You

This is a crazily brilliant book, although dark and troubling... a number of commentators have said that Frankel’s vision is in the tradition of Philip K. Dick. But if I could say something heretical here, I think Frankel is actually a better world builder than Philip K. Dick.

– Warren Greenwood, The Ithaca Times

Frankel is a skilled writer with a passion for satire and dark comedy and the sound; he packs the book with plenty of surprises and succulent language to keep the pages turning.

– Franklin Crawford, Tiny Town Times