Charlotte and the Chickenman

By Aina Hunter


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It’s November 2, 2059 in Baltimore and Charlotte-Noa Tibitt, the downwardly mobile, adult daughter of a popular HelloCast lifestyle coach, feels like death. A few months back Charlotte and her Eurindigenous girlfriend scored a sweet subsidized apartment in a building chock full of fellow queer-radical-feminist animal rights activists. But when an unspeakable right-wing candidate again wins the US presidency, Charlotte seeks refuge in a luxury roof-top hotel bar and life begins to unravel.

So now it’s time to stop mourning. Get back on the bus, make a plan, start over.

All this on a screaming planet divided into ethno-states mostly controlled by South Africa’s ruling Economic Freedom Party and their right wing, anti-black opposition – the Eurin supremacists of the New Broederband.

Charlotte could probably use some trauma therapy, but first a quick trip to Haiti for a medical thing. And while she’s there, maybe she can find some comfort at the receiving end of a controversial reparative food justice initiative, which may or may not be sanctioned by New Caricom’s shadow government.



Publication date: 03 January 2022


The book is brilliant, and its reception will only grow as people learn how to read and then learn to demand novels that are so rich and challenging.

– Clark Blaise

Aina Hunter’s haunted novel, Charlotte and the Chickenman, is a David Lynchian grotesque that unfolds in a surreality that hovers between dream and nightmare... Hunter is masterful in capturing the nuances of identities, depicting them in across a full spectrum rather than the binary that most discourses center upon

Jesi Bender, Exacting Clam