In the Sight

By Tobias Carroll



Farrier had been raised in the East…

Furtive spaces on the outskirts of cities, truck stops in the middle of nowhere, and obscure research outposts — those are the places where Farrier did his work. What’s the nature of that work, you ask? DIY brain modification, for starters — highly experimental and in no way legal. When his past catches up with him, Farrier sets out on a road trip without end, frenetically crossing the country in search of redemption, revisiting old haunts along the way.

This tale of open roads, weird science, and endless reinvention draws inspiration from Destroyer’s 2002 album This Night. It also features aviaries gone wrong, obscure retail outlets, and coffee. So much coffee. Don’t try this at home, readers.



ISBN: 978-1-952600-41-8

Publication date: 06 February 2024

Paperback price: 16


I loved this novel! Weird, deadpan, grounded in highway culture and in the kinds of bar/hotel/nowhere spaces that are both super liminal and anonymous. I got lots of J.G. Ballard and some Don DeLillo, but the novel is definitely its own wonderful thing. The most fun I've had vicariously speeding through identity-erasing drug deliveries while navigating the remnants of a secret society and some heavy existential questions. Highly, highly recommended.

– Juan Martinez

Read in one sitting.

A strange little story about a guy who travels from gas station to gas station hooking his clients up with a homemade drug that messes with their brains and turns them into someone completely different.

A gig that was working out pretty a-ok for him until, at one particular drop off, he's informed that someone is coming for him. And suddenly we're on a road trip from hell, hotel hopping across country as our dude reconnects with old friends and tries to stay one step ahead of whatever nightmare is following him.

Though with one last pill in his pocket, there's the hope that he can continue to run... until he can't, and then... well...

– Lori Hettler