By Joey Truman




Buddy and Guy are roommates. Buddy likes to think about things, and is a bad sleeper.  Guy likes to think about nothing at all, and he sleeps great.  The rent’s always due and the coffee’s always bubbling.

Not everyone in this world needs to become a plumber or a securities broker, a housewife or a cop. There is no mandate from birth that you need to be anything. For most people, who they are is just the simple fact of: this is how things are done, so do them that way. And Guy and Buddy, for whatever reason, were simpatico in this way. Neither one of them ever considered the possibility that maybe what wasn’t working right in this world, for them, was themselves. And for that reason, we should think that maybe, just maybe, these two were actually not a couple losers freezing in their apartment with no electricity and no rent, but maybe, and this is a very possible maybe, maybe they were actively reimagining what it meant to be alive in this very moment in time. When nothing is certain and everything is a problem



ISBN: 978-1-952600-37-1

Publication date: 19 October 2023

Paperback price: 18


In hilariously methodical prose, Joey Truman's Percolator takes us on an existential joyride through one day in the life of two inept roommates. This is Beckett meets grunge in a survival novel struggling to make it through the front door. Stove pot coffee is key.

– Jess Barbagallo