Tell Me What You See

By Terena Elizabeth Bell




Tell Me What You See is a collection of ten experimental short stories about coronavirus quarantines, climate change, the January 6th invasion on the US Capitol, and other events from 2020-2021.

Written in both word and image, pieces from the collection have been called “​​inventive and topical and fresh, emotional, chaotic, and important” by The McNeese Review and “timely, relevant, and interesting” by The Missouri Review. Title story “Tell Me What You See” is a 2021 New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) City Artist Corps winner.


ISBN: 978-1-952600-22-7

Publication date: 08 December 2022

Paperback price: 20


Like a stampede of wild horses, it’s powerful. it’s uncontrolled. It doesn’t care about your attempts to tame it. It breaks things it shouldn’t. But in the end, when it has gone past you, and you are watching it and hearing the sound of it galloping away into the sunset, you think to yourself, I should start running too. Maybe it would make me feel better.

Jordan McQueen, Atticus Review

Tell Me What You See is working overtime to sound the alarm; to wake us all up; to point, and shout, and say this is what’s happening, right fucking now. Pay attention. Think hard about the world you want to live in. Do whatever you can to make it happen. Every year is an election year. Every year, there will be another, smarter, more effective tyrant, grasping at wealth and power, gobbling resources while the world burns.

David Fitzgerald, in Heavy Feather Review

Terena Elizabeth Bell's debut short story collection, Tell Me What You See, is a topical, emotional, and compelling selection that touches on a number of devastating events that have plagued the world in recent years. The author's experimental style is on full display in this challenging and thought-provoking book. This must-read will be available this December.

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