The Essentials

By David Tromblay

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The not-too-distant future. The global population reaches ten billion, leaving the planet at its breaking point. The population is being thinned; its people, their professions, and their health are reclassified: Essential or Nonessential.

Jonathan Shaddox works as a medical courier for a healthcare giant, navigating the crumbling remains of what had been great American cities.

This was once a work of fiction.



ISBN: 978-1-952600-06-7

Publication date: 21 January 2021

Paperback price: 18


Whenever an author abandons traditional storytelling structure, things can get dicey. Unless they pull it off, and Tromblay nails it, offering an engrossing, terrifying story about crumbling cities and a draconian health care system, which, all told, feels pretty damned prescient.

– Rob Hart, author of The Warehouse

A resonant parable for our sickened age – taut, eloquent, and frightening. It may be set in the 2030s and '40s, but it couldn't be more at home in 2021.

– David Leo Rice, author of A ROOM IN DODGE CITY and ANGEL HOUSE