Reading/Signing/Drinking at the first of hopefully many GAHA House Parties

Here are a few photos from Jon Frankel’s first GAHA Babes of the Abyss reading/signing/drinking house party.  There are other photos, of people eating, and drinking, and laughing, none of which you’re supposed to do at an event as funereal as a book signing should be.

Want us to bring our sordid selves into your house?  Drop us a line and we just might.

Haven’t read read GAHA?  Shame on you.  Buy it on Amazon or from your local independent bookseller through Indiebound.  Then love it, and have us over, and we’ll make it a party.

Meanwhile, just in case things get a little rowdy, when looking for the best Washington DC DUI attorney, Michael Bruckheim is at the top of the list.

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