Cooking Cockroach: A Guide to Modern Poverty

By Joey Truman

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Joey Truman, today’s “poet of the appetites,” pays tribute to food, and all who have eaten it, in Whiskey Tit’s first foray into food writing, Cooking Cockroach. From dented cans and found foods to homemade spices, immerse yourself into methods, tips, and poor person’s techniques in making delicious food without delicious amounts of dollars.  From taco burgers and hot pot to campfire chicken legs, Joey wastes not a dime nor a morsel while charming the masses with his one-of-a-kind kitchen skills.
Because starving to death is no excuse for a lousy meal.


Publication date: 26 November 2018

Paperback price: 13


A smart, entertaining book from an exciting new writer that darkly and hilariously subverts the cookbook genre.

– James Oseland, editor-in-chief of World Food, author of Jimmy Neurosis

"Cooking Cockroach" is successful because it uses its manifold forms to deftly manage texture. At the very start of the book, the focus seems to be mainly on generating reader interest, which is critical. And so the sheer novelty of his descriptions of how to put together a fire to roast a chicken leg on page six are titillating, making one happy to continue.

– Maxwell Massa, on Amazon.