Shit List

By Daniel A. Hoyt


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In a sharp, funny, and deeply relevant social satire, Daniel A. Hoyt examines the worlds of NBA basketball, indie Rock and Roll, and presidential politics. On the first day of 2017, Harrison Rawles — a paid body double for NBA superstar TR Washington — suffers an unsettling occurrence: A small orange animal on the side of the road fills him (and his police escort) with sudden, overwhelming regret. As 2017 moves into the first 100 days of President Dadondrik Kukla’s term of office, the creature appears throughout Zebulon City, especially at rock concerts led by singer/guitarist Sabina Murphy. When TR begins to make the yoga position known as “chair pose” during the National Anthem, President Kukla declares political war. Meanwhile, Sabina struggles with her new-found fanbase, and Harrison tries to love his pseudo-teammates and spread the joy of “Star Trek.” Will President Kukla receive his Russian tank? Will the orange creature make everyone cry? As the president and his deputies begin a series of inhumane policies, the tears seem all too necessary. SHIT LIST is a satire with a large heart — and a killer guitar solo.


Publication date: 15 July 2024

Paperback price: 20


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