Adventures of Bastard and M.E.

By Stefan O. Rak




Adventures of Bastard and M.E. is a pataphysical romp through a seedy underworld of criminal comic characters.

Bastard and Miguel Evangelista are old friends who reconnect after years of exile and death. Inspired by the discovery of a new wonder-drug they call the White Dove, the newly reunited founding members of the Organization assemble a crew and launch a new operation.

By discreetly tapping into Free-Enterprise 999’s neo-neurological wave transmissions to those individuals whose brains they have rented, the Organization can introduce mass dependency on the White Dove, ensuring high sales. Hilarity ensues.

Will Bastard and M.E. succeed in chemically enslaving the entire population? If so, then why? Is it only for the balls? Does Lance Newcomb, the evil owner of F-E 999, know that Bastard is fucking his wife? Why does he hire Bastard as a private detective, then put a hit out on him, only to withdraw it? Is M.E. really testifying against Newt Humbert in the Guns and Butter Trial — or is M.E. setting himself up?

Join Bastard as he succeeds (debatably) in navigating his inexplicable existence.

Bumble through a circus of a city, implausible architecture, and vast subterranean caverns of variety lights and sounds with your fearless, impossible, and questionable narrator.

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Join Whisk(e)y Tit and friends in celebrating the long-awaited release of the greatest absurdist cyber-punk noir ever written. Tuesday, 13th February, 2018, at Von, Bleecker St., NYC. Don’t miss it.

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ISBN: 978-0996764650

Publication date: 14 February 2018

Paperback price: $15

Ebook price: $8


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