The Astronomer

By Brian Biswas



Franz Herbert suffers from epileptic seizures; are they a curse that takes him away from his wife, family, and friends, or a gift that allows him to explore the depths of the cosmos?

An exploration of a man’s struggle with a neurological disease, the nature of reality, and the workings of his own mind, The Astronomer is both a love story and the tale of a man’s journey to find his place in the universe.


Publication date: 28 February 2023

Paperback price: 18


Biswas’ writing is remarkably expansive throughout, and readers will find it deeply impressive how he captures two distinct voices: one of prosaic reason and another of disordered brilliance. Overall, it’s a fantastically strange novel that’s as grippingly eccentric as the protagonist at its center

Kirkus Reviews

In Brian Biswas' new novel, The Astronomer, he has chosen to confound us frequently regarding how he and the main character regard reality, and we are often forced to think about our own ways of looking at the real and the fantastic, about fact and fiction... he also challenges us to think about whether or not the dreams and other mental wanderings of people who don't have "normal" mental lives constitute another reality as well.

– Alice Whittenburg, Cafe Irreal