“We live in such an emotionally strong time that I personally am on overload” Terena Elizabeth Bell on Arts Calling podcast

Massive thanks to Jaime Alejandro and Arts Calling for hosting Terena Elizabeth Bell (TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE) in this wide-ranging conversation on the writing life, the pace of stories, drawing urban and rural inspiration, and more.

From Jaime: This idea that you can find structures around research, and then you can you can start to add the human element to it, and then you got something that really resonates because it’s grounded in something. But I’m reminded of, I don’t want to say it’s a gift. It’s probably a curse, I don’t know, but the restlessness of a mind like yours and how you it seems like you found a way to use it to your benefit. Is that something creatively that you feel is accurate?

Every last minute is worth a close listen.

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