By M.B.F. Wedge

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This breathtaking collage memoir in stark prose poetry takes place in a post-industrial upstate New York town. With gimlet-eyed clarity, the author gives equal weight to the momentous and the mundane, spanning the arrest of her former lover for pedophilia, her work as a rehabilitation counselor for the severely and persistently mentally ill, and the death of her mother and aunt. Knickpoint’s characters exist at the fringes of accepted space; their struggles reveal the conflicted spirit as a landscape both bright and dark.


ISBN: 978-0-9996215-6-1

Publication date: 15 March 2018

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Deft, precise, elegant, KNICKPOINT emerges uncategorizable, transcending what we know of poetry, essay, the novel. With this savage and graceful pastoral, Margaret Wedge has revealed herself to be a master cartographer of the liminal space.

A haunting, magnificent book. As savage and as intelligent as the day is long.

– Cara Hoffman, award-winning author of Running and So Much Pretty