Mendicant City

By Yarrow Paisley




“Do not forgive me, Man, for I have sinned. I am all of the millions, and I am myself one of the millions. They crowd within me, the people, and rampage among my tissues. Their frenzy is perpetual. Each one of them weeps, and brings into my body his or her own pain, and the pain of one becomes my pain, and becomes the pain of millions. It is an awesome responsibility, and I bear it because I love them. I would not do, otherwise. Yet … I have sinned. I love them, but their pain is great. I confess, I have thought of myself. I have ordained myself: “I.” I have imagined myself an entity not of them, but of something altogether new. But I have not set myself higher, I tell you, but apart. I love them, more than I do this voice. I love them as I know them, more than I do this voice. Yet I am coming to know my voice, and I am coming to love it too. And I have sinned. I am the City. You are my sin.”

Note: Published by Snuggly Books in 2016, The Tit is hosting and distributing copies here in anticipation of our ten-year birthday in 2024, which will feature Divine in Essence, a BRAND NEW PAISLEY, as well as a reissue of I, No Other, a classic. As for Mendicant City,  it should continue to fucking exist. In your bosom.


ISBN: 978-1-943813-17-9

Paperback price: 7


In this wee collection of brilliant flash fiction, Yarrow Paisley takes us on a dozen mind-bending jaunts. Amused and intrigued, we follow him down some creepy, perverse, and very dark alleyways to explore his strange city. In The Bone Hotel, all the bell boys become infatuated with a seductive guest. In The Pain Painter, a portrait artist is drawn into the bizarre sexual world of two clients who pose for him. And in The Vain Vein, a silver man explains what life is like when you are made of metal.

A unique voice recounting some weirdly clever stories, this 44-page book is packed with satire, metaphor, and insight into a city that is, in fact, a reflection of us all.

– Virginia